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About Dr Patricia
Di Parsia


Dr Patricia (Patty) Di Parsia is a Clinical Psychologist who has over 20 years experience in the treatment of anxiety, panic, stress, burnout, grief and depression, in older adolescents (>16 years) and adults.


Patricia is registered with AHPRA and is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society.


Patricia is married with three young children, and also has a much loved pet spoodle!


Patricia completed her Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology at The University of Melbourne. Patricia’s research investigated biological, psychological, and social factors that rendered adult populations at risk to depression and anxiety for the purposes of early intervention and improved prognosis.

Following graduation Patricia worked as a Research Fellow and Clinician at Orygen Youth Health (OYH) in Parkville. Patricia’s interests at OYH continued to focus on the risk factors to depression and anxiety, however this time in an adolescent state-wide population. Patricia’s work at OYH also involved an analysis of the effectiveness of psychotherapy (a treatment combining cognitive behavioural, mindfulness-based and motivational interviewing approaches) compared to a medication-based approach in treating depressed adolescents who were also abusing alcohol and/or illicit drugs.


Following Patricia’s work at OYH, Patricia started a psychology practice within a GP clinic in the northern suburbs. Clients were predominantly adults and young people with depression, grief, anxiety and/or panic.


Patricia was a part of the Reconnexion team for 9 years as a consultant Clinical Psychologist. At Reconnexion, Patricia predominantly worked with clients aged 16 and above suffering from varying degrees of anxiety, panic, stress, grief, mild substance abuse and depression.


Over the course of the last 8 years Patricia has extended her clinical practice to an office located in Kew. Patricia’s practice continues to focus on clients aged 16 and above suffering from varying degrees of anxiety, panic, stress, grief and depression. Patricia has also extended her practice to facilitating workshops and group programs based on her areas of expertise.

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