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Treatment Philosophy

The philosophy underlying Patricia’s treatment approach amalgamates cognitive-behavioural and schema-based perspectives; however Patricia also incorporates insight-oriented, interpersonal, attachment, acceptance and commitment, strengths/positive, and/or mindfulness-based approaches to clients’ treatment plans. A description of these treatment approaches can be found here.


This multi-faceted approach helps to enhance symptom reduction, however also assists in the promotion of relapse prevention through the identification of factors that may have made clients vulnerable to their current presenting concerns.


Importantly, therapy with Patricia focuses on assisting clients to resolve life stressors and problems using the aforementioned range of clinical approaches. Therapy with Patricia specifically aims to provide support and guidance to assist clients in managing current and/or past life stressors and find solutions to issues that prevent clients from leading a fulfilling life.

Over the years, Patricia’s clients have emphasised the importance of managing and dealing with changes that life often presents. Such changes may include, however are not exclusive to; retirement, job loss, miscarriage, divorce, relationship breakdowns, death, job restructuring, menopause, returning to Australia from overseas, and migration. Often these changes are unexpected and unwelcomed, and hence contribute to an individuals’ experience of anxiety, panic, stress, depression and even at times grief and loss. Helping clients to manage such changes frequently becomes central to managing one’s symptoms, and ultimately enhance one’s quality of life.


Treatment with Patricia is often goal-oriented, based on client’s individual needs. Importantly, treatment is at the client’s pace, with clients developing self-soothing and nurturing skills to manage the stressors they are required to confront during the course of therapy. In dealing with confronting topics in such a supportive environment, and gaining life skills to confront one’s life stressors, it is hoped clients begin to live an increasingly insightful, mindful, and fulfilled life.


Importantly, clients can be assured that treatment with Patricia is provided in a non-judgemental, safe, supportive and validating environment. As a consequence, it is hoped clients will feel less alone in managing their current life stressors and associated feelings and emotions.

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